AHAT presents The Jones vs King Rico


1st battle from the Young Bizill BarFest put AHAT Veteran The Jones, reppin Las Vegas against Newcomer to the AHAT stage, King Rico from Compton. This confrontation was something to behold as both participants arguably had the best performances of each of their battle careers. The Jones with his schemes, witty wordplay and high energy performance, matched up against King Rico’s street based reality battle rap style was a special clash that will have fans debating who won and who lost forever.

2 Responses to AHAT presents The Jones vs King Rico

  1. Hodges says:

    King Rico was spitting that shit I like to hear but King Rico slipped up. But I think he did just enough to take the battle. If the jones would’ve went longer he could’ve of won

  2. I fux with this….both them did well….very pleased with the Jones writing…the Jones performance was also on point…the new guy king Rico was cool

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