Trigaaah vs Bliss Creed


This instant classic battle pits AHAT Las Vegas mainstay @Trigaaah702 vs @BlissCreed a highly touted MC from Philly (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). Both are known for their energetic performances while Trigaaah’s specialty is his aggression and Bliss Creed’s is his freestyle ability. See who prevails in this lyrical masterpiece. This battle took place in Las Vegas at AHAT’s East Coast vs West Coast event.

6 Responses to Trigaaah vs Bliss Creed

  1. slickdanger says:

    Trigaaah…i’ve been down wit u since Krackin.n Krunk and Erotica Chic…but.that man Bliss Creed came all theway wit it..shyt I almost considered joinin the 5%ers after this battle!!! lol keep

  2. Smell This says:


  3. Invincible the ICON AKA Adrian Conflict says:

    Bring the ring girls back!!

  4. Dat Dude says:

    Best battle I seen on AHAT in awhile, Bliss Creed is the TRUTH

  5. ShakDiesel says:

    Bliss Creed killed it man, really good match up! Trigaaah did his thing but Bliss was just too good!

  6. Tajmulco says:

    That was good battle, trigahh I think u got em though your 3rd verse was better.. Dude be spitting though just took a lil too long to get to the point..

    Oh yea east side 702 free my nigga S.G..

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