AHAT presents Trigaaah vs Shi Dog


Las Vegas vet Trigaaah battles up and coming Shi Dog a Detroit native but currently resided in California. This battle took place at the AHAT 5 Year Anniversary & was hosted by OD and co-hosted by URL’s Norbes.

5 Responses to AHAT presents Trigaaah vs Shi Dog

  1. RAWRAW says:

    yall really giving trigaaah 2 L’ss have u seen the barsz

  2. RAWRAW says:

    yo nov beat big cannon 2rounds 3rd lost…

  3. Idski says:

    Shi got em in all 3 rounds. Triggah didn’t know who he was dealin with

  4. Tajmulco says:

    that last round was fire…

  5. TRU says:

    Trigaaaaaaah killed that nigguh

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