AHAT presents Yung Pop vs Diesel


AHAT presents Yung Pop Vs Diesel which took place at AHAT 48 Cali Iz Active in Riverside California.
Yung Pop who represents the Inland Empire is coming off of a battle with one of AHAT’s most popular MC’z, and has been one of the more vocal MC’z in the league via blogs since joining the Cali team. Diesel is a new comer to AHAT. See who skills prevail in this classic rap battle.
AHAT has become the most dominant battle league on the West Coast.


7 Responses to AHAT presents Yung Pop vs Diesel

  1. ThatSexeHood1 says:

    Both of these dudes went in but Diesel served him

  2. Shi Dog says:

    Shout out to both my what cali brothers. this battle was fire. diesel went hard wit the schemes. thats the best I’ve seen from diesel yet. and my nigga young pop went back to the dojo with that wordplay. it definitely shows what battle rap is about and how styles are made to clash to make that classic. my vote is what cali hands down.

  3. yung pop says:

    now we need to c dat dezzyk vs sonic so we can c dat dezzy kill dat boy

  4. Thizzlamic says:

    Yung Pop has some serious rhyme scheme. He’s got Rakim stylistics. Dude made Diesel sound like he wasn’t even rappin. Put that dude to shame…
    Diesel is on the LV slow metaphorical bandwagon. Pop’s got a unique personality and style.

  5. skyler says:

    yo pop fuckin went in, killed diesel

  6. SlimBeauty85 says:

    Diesel killed it!

  7. dezzyk says:

    yeeee my nigga yung pop killed son…

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