AHAT – Rap Battle – Juice vs AK


Juice from Los Angeles representing AHAT California squares off A.K from Brooklyn Mic Club presented by AHAT & King Ice at the AHAT 4 Year Anniversary “How the West Was Won” part 2 hosted by OD.

6 Responses to AHAT – Rap Battle – Juice vs AK

  1. NA! says:

    No he aint, that nigga sexy and he good

  2. #Kingzip says:

    AK’s trash yo

  3. Wow says:

    Reminds me of that Immortal Technique vs. Postaboy battle back in ’01, the guy with the flow won and the guy with the lyrics lost


    AK Killed That Fake Ass Juice

  5. yung West bka...yung Ruff from da seven says:

    Oh yeah whenever I catch any of u niccas bittin…imma expose u niccas…..
    Oh yeah big up Fatz, cuz uh real nicca, I fux wit em all day ya heard…a fatz my nicca..we free!!!!!!!

  6. yung West bka...yung Ruff from da seven says:

    Buccet ur legs and thighs / like KFC…..juice cuzz, conceited said that already…oooooh dont do dat cuhh, we don’t condone that inna land crip…I’m just sayin….

    And for that goofy ass new York nicca, he almost got u untill he bit tsu surf, and that funny ass nicca tech nine…..tsu surf line: I let that lead blame/ untill I put his face inna box like webcam…

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