AHAT Rap Battle Kizersoze vs Sino


AHAT, Gameface Ent, & King Ice present AHAT Texas rap battle Kizersoze vs Sino at Rivercity Riot in San Anotonio Texas.

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3 Responses to AHAT Rap Battle Kizersoze vs Sino

  1. stephon says:

    both these guys tried there best dosent make them good just makes them two guys trying to rap

  2. tim says:

    both these guys are as hard as water. wow, ahat be looking for something to fill time. these guys both suck. and no, i know i couldnt do any better, but i dont rap, but i wouldnt do any worse

  3. Tunes says:

    he said shell leave a nut on here nose like a elephant trunk hahaha

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