AHAT Rap Battle Refractor vs Lex D


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13 Responses to AHAT Rap Battle Refractor vs Lex D

  1. t money says:

    I say refractor cuz he was funny AF & kept da crowd goin

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lex D All Day Refractor needs to bring the It Factor next time!!! God Bless Both ….

  3. Dowboi says:

    Well lex d kept saying that he beat refractor then actually trying to beat him… an refractor ultimately had the hardest hits

  4. OriginalTris10 says:

    refractor bro, lex d had like 3 actual good punchlines. the audience felt refractor the whole time. that could be more than enough sometimes. plus hes lyrically better.

  5. Jonas says:

    refractor definately won/

  6. redfukn says:

    If “some” bars is all it takes, Refractor had “some” bars in the 3rd round. I still say Refractor takes it. Plus Lex jacked a line from Lestat.

  7. marcus says:

    that was the worst rap battle in the world. they should learn punch lines then learn how to rap. All they are doing is giving NOV a bad name. He has to be the best thing out there battle rapping

  8. Vegas says:

    I agree lex D took that he had jokes as well and better
    Bars..and it seen to be all freestyle

  9. wat of it says:

    lex D won wats wrong with the voting poll refractor is funny and usually wins easy with his jokes and stuff but lex d won fuck outta here

  10. Reezy says:

    Lex D had some bars in there… Refractor only has jokes, that doesn’t win a battle in my eyes..

  11. Reezy says:

    This was really a joke..

  12. redfukn says:

    Once again Refractor takes it. He’s got more presence and more charisma than just about anyone in the league. Who the fuck else is gonna bust out a Ric Flair impression like that during a battle? Or “you little nugget of shit” – you can deny the crowd’s huge support. Refractor is it.

  13. Dark1anon2 says:

    Lets be honest here… both a little shaky.. refractor been gone a while… no excuse…
    it looked like Lex D was working mostly off the top…. if not then he needs to work on his stage presence a little… Refractors had some alright lines, Lex D had harder hits… Refractor is better than Lex D, but not this time….

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