AHAT – Rap Battle – Trigaaah vs Sic Vic


AHAT & King Ice presents this classic battle between Trigaaah (Las Vegas) vs Sic Vic (Texas) rap battle.
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8 Responses to AHAT – Rap Battle – Trigaaah vs Sic Vic

  1. stephon says:

    sic vic had some good bars but this is a rap battle sic style sounds good if it was free style trigaaah has the style of someone in a battle no games the crowd was hype for sic but his bars that was good was really good cant see him beating someone going real hard i could be wrong

  2. Mad love to Trigaaah but I don’t know why votes say he won..

  3. KingZip# says:

    trigah win that battle. over hyped crowd for sic vic. gotta keep it real.

  4. Czar says:

    No doubt that Vic won the 3rd round.. But in my opinion the first 2 were won by Trigga.. The crowd was biased. Everyone wants their homestate to win but music is music & everyone has a different art form that should at least be given a chance by a different crowd. If their was never a different art form their would be know 2pac, Biggie, Bob Marley hell Elvis too. U feel me? Think about it.

  5. One Way says:

    I watched this battle. I am a unbias and going by different things. I think the first two rounds were won by Trigaaa but only slightly. As for the third round it was clear that Sic Vic took that. Great job to both MC’s.
    This battle reminded me of Big T and Charlie Clips battle. I think the Texas crowd was just on Sic Vic’s side just like the crowd was on Big T but I think Trigaaa kept it professional and did his thing just like Charlie Clips did. My personal feelings was Charlie Clips one just like Trigaaa.

    But there was” No Body Bags Handed Out”. Trigaaa only won slightly.

  6. tim says:

    Wheres Dom’s been. Bring his long haired ass back. He would smoke both dees foos

  7. Madness says:

    that nigga sic vic wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn he a monsta trigah was cool too but sic won

  8. Savage says:

    Sic Vic destroyed him!! And the votes right now are 16 for sic and 16 for trigaaah? AHAT las Vegas is the biggest biased crowd ever. All the votes that trigaaah got are his dickriders and his homies. Good shit Sic you murdered this old man piece of shit!! He was garbage!! Sic had wordplay, delivery, charisma, and the confidence. Sic will be top tier one day with the greatest like dizaster and Dna.

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