AHAT Summer Jam rap battle | Konflict vs Emerson Kennedy


On a sunny Saturday on July 27 at the Gallivan Center in Downtown Salt Lake City Utah, Popular AHAT veteran Konflict from AHAT Vegas travels to Utah to battle up and coming star Emerson Kennedy at KUUU 92.5 FM’s Summer Jams Concert Event 2013 featuring Tyga, A$AP Rocky, Kid Ink,E-40, DJ Felli Fel, John Hart, Prynce, Better Taste Bureau, and Staxx N Wax. AHAT Utah shared a promotional booth and side stage wih many local Hip Hop performers, b boy break dancers, and graphitti artist uniting in front of over 20,000 fans in attendance. This battle was set up to promote and spread the AHAT Brand to a larger target audiance of young Hip Hop fans. We were often reminded of the promotional power and influence that battle rap and AHAT have on the Hip Hop industry as the fans of the artists were greeting the participating MC’s by their rap names wih out even knowing that they were scheduled to battle that day at the event. Although many found the hand held microphones to be negative due to movement restriction and audio feedback, they were neccessary to use to amplify the vocals of the MC’s so that they could be heard loud and clear by the many fans for far and wide. Konflict’s hard hitting punchlines and disrespectful personals made for a debatable battle against emerson kennedy’s freestyle rebutals and humerous lines.The visual was pleasant to the eye due to the city sky scrapers and natural sun light as it was a perfect day for outdoor activities including an outdoor MC Rap Battle.

4 Responses to AHAT Summer Jam rap battle | Konflict vs Emerson Kennedy

  1. PlayB says:

    EK was killin with rebuttles!!!

  2. 702 says:

    E.K easy konshit had no bars

  3. Yo how the hell do I vote for konflict on this iPad.

  4. James says:

    Konflict is a beast! He got the win with out a doubt!

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