AHAT Tourney Episode 5 Aktive vs Dre Vishiss


Episode 5 of the AHAT Tourney introduces the Cali bracket with Aktive going up against his fellow KCDC crew & Grape Street gang member Dre Vishiss. Also in this episode you will discover who won last episode between XP & 808MC.

Who won?

4 Responses to AHAT Tourney Episode 5 Aktive vs Dre Vishiss

  1. Dude with dreads

  2. Klepto says:

    Aktive had a great presence and delivery, He definitely had some word play, although the bars were tough, at times, he expected a bigger crowd reaction that just wasn’t there and unnecessary because the bar wasn’t strong enough for it, overall it was a very good performance and I’m gonna give Aktive a solid 8

    Dre Vishiss had a great performance and very strong delivery, it’s clear that he rehearsed his bars throughly, absolutely clever with the word play, and creativeness. The crowd was very involved and at times too involved to the point where they controlled Dre more then Dre controlled them. It was a great battle and very close but I’m gonna give Dre a 8.25 with just enough the take the W.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I pick Dre as the victor

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dope azz battle… Hard to judge .. But might have to give the edge to aktive off of the el chapo – del amo rampage he went on… Vishiss was raw too…. They went in.. Gd luck judging tjat..
    Tajmulc … East side 702

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