AHAT Utah presents Emerson Kennedy vs Lefty 2 Gunz


AHAT Utah presents Emerson Kennedy (@emersonkennedy3) vs Lefty Two Gunz (@lefty2gunswvc). On Saturday, April 6th at the legendary Burt’s Tiki Lounge in downtown Salt Lake City, two of Utah’s top tier Battle MC’s meet head 2 head at the www.ahat.tv event entitled “CLASH OF THE TITANS” to solidify who is the best in UTAH’s battle rap industry. LEFTY 2 GUNZ has previously battled top tier MC’s including CAUSTIC, AFTA, and DENTER, and is coming off a nail biting battle with A Class. These two MC’s are often mentioned at the top of everyone’s top five Utah Battle MC list and in the top fifty in the entire world. This battle displays a clash of lyrical schemes, word play, and delivery against humor, bars, and punch line. This battle is sure to be referred to a Battle Rap Classic and will ensure replay value to debate who declared victory. AHAT has become the dominant battle league from the West Coast and one of the biggest battle leagues in the world. LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and FAVORITE to SUPPORT the AHAT Movement, thank you.

3 Responses to AHAT Utah presents Emerson Kennedy vs Lefty 2 Gunz

  1. Exploits says:

    hahaha goddammit i was hoping this would work lol obviously just kidding as well, i really wanna see them shits though 🙂

  2. Exploits says:

    too bad he got fuckin destroyed!!!!! hahaha good shit kennedy. and OD im about to DDoS this site if you do not upload the 5th anniversary battles soon and i mean it sir. its been forever, i mean how hard can it be really? so i will give you one more week before! test me if you feel lucky 😉 chances are you will fall grasp to my exploits though.

  3. Bp DUH INC says:

    Lefty 2 guns all damn day

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