Dre Vishiss vs S.O. Finesse – AHAT Tourney Episode 11


This episode of the AHAT Tourney features female rapper S.O. Finesse vs AHAT Cali vet Dre Vishiss. Both have advanced to the second and this battle will determine which emcee will advance to battle the winner of the Vegas bracket of the tourney, Scheme. This battle is under the AHAT DV (Domestic Violence) division which puts female emcees vs male emcees.

Who Won?

3 Responses to Dre Vishiss vs S.O. Finesse – AHAT Tourney Episode 11

  1. Jaybreezy says:

    I totally disagree. I believe both are very intelligent rappers in their own right. You got caught up in what subject they were addressing more so than how they made things connect and attack their opponent or take their opponent’s momentum which is what battle rap is about. Sure she addressed makes but all she has done is address males in all of her battles. Not saying she can’t do it cuz she did a great job as always!! Just saying Dre won this one on a battle level. Knowledge wise, S.O is gona win that every time cuz that’s her style(spitting knowledge). Her and Skinny both use that style. That’s great but we want to see battles not poetry contests. In terms of which of these deserves to go on in the tournament it’s Dre. Hands down. Unlike S.O’s previous opponents, Dre had hella punchlines. He matched her bars(when she actually said something amazing). Coming from a true ahat fan since 5 years ago.

  2. JUDGES, and younger hip hop heads, please listen. I know a lot of the Battle Rap game is about Choppers and Killin and Dissing but S.O. Finesse took this one back to the basics of what and WHERE HIP HOP came from. When you listen to the ACTUAL CONTENT of what she said this one is a no brainer. You can tell she had Vishiss SUPER NERVOUS on the coin toss because IF SHE WOULD HAVE WENT LAST, HE WOULD HAVE BEEN BODIED!!! I say that because if you take the EXACT SAME BARS from BOTH of them and switch them in ORDER OF DELIVERY, it wouldn’t even look the same. But that’s coming from an old head.

    And this is not because of Black Power vs Thuggin it either. My take is about PURE SKILL in the manner in which the bars where thought out and crafted before hand and delivered in the heat of the mix.

    I got S.O. taking this one 2-1 cause Vishiss in the 2nd round was just a freaking ANIMAL all the way around.

    HOWEVER, if he would have went first in the 2nd round, his bars would not have had the impact on the crowd or judges the way they did. I think that Finesse got baited in to be a bit shaken by personal things that Vishiss brought up that he wouldn’t have had a chance to do if she would have gone 2nd. Even if she looses in the voting, Vishiss KNOWS IN HIS HEART he lost to Finesse in the actual art form.

    This one was a battle of the ages right here of TWO LEGENDS AND SUPERSTARS and I salute them both. Keep shining!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Damnnnnn that second Rd from dre was straight fuego!! Shouts out too both for lettin it all out on the stage and still keeping self in check… Y’all both won … Though dre was savage wit it… Respect!

    East side 702 ., stand the fcuk up


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