Gotti vs Ceas AHAT 42 Double Homicide


AHAT 42 Double Homide. Gotti currently ranked #3 in AHAT faces Ceas who is currently ranked #8. Gotti has an aggressive delivery and punchline filled bars while Ceas has a layed back gangsta delivery. Who will win the clash of styles and move up the AHAT rankings? Judges Okwerdz hosted by OD.

2 Responses to Gotti vs Ceas AHAT 42 Double Homicide

  1. ChrisToxic says:

    Good Battle i think Best Battle ive seen Gotti in, usualy not a fan of his style think hes just a Fake Fatz wouldent suprise me if fatz is writing for him. also gotti at number 3 is a joke. Anyways back tot he battle Ceas got it all the way, Killed every round it was very close i enjoyed some of gottis lines He actully rhymed in this battle but Ceas kickin ass good battle ceas won hands down

  2. mwhitten says:

    Does anyone know why Gotti stopped after he said “skid row?” Is that term off limits or something?

    This is driving me nuts until I find out.

    Gotti: why did you stop after you said “skid row?”

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