Interstate Fatz – FRESH OUT interview


Las Vegas’ Interstate Fatz who is fresh out of prison after serving over 2 years behind bars, gives this exclusive interview to OD & AHAT and discuss his battle rap plans, his music, and his future plans.

9 Responses to Interstate Fatz – FRESH OUT interview

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fatz took it in the but

  2. Anonymous says:

    cant hold nobody 5100 down do ur thing mane

  3. Anonymous says:

    East side 702 … U know what it is .. Felon

  4. Wazzup fatz..glad to see you.. Danny told me u was out

  5. KELESIO says:


  6. Corey says:

    Whatever fatz does he gonna put his heart in it and you don’t hear a lot of heart anymore!!!! #fatzfanregardless

  7. bateer says:


  8. Train Scholar says:

    my Brutha you know we go bacc to the yard from years ago im talkin 06 type shit we will work soon and ya know dat word to Scholar

  9. Anonymous says:

    Welcome home fam!!

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