Konflict vs Refractor AHAT 40


Konflict and Refractor face-off at AHAT 40 in what can and will most certainly be described as a classic battle. Konflict, a veteran battler, ferocious competitor and AHAT mainstay takes on Refractor, a witty up-and-comer with an unorthodox style. The two match wits and deliver a flurry of jokes, personals & dope rhyme schemes that will undoubtedly entertain. Subcribe to our channel youtube.com/allhiphopallthetime & follow on Twitter @od702 @therealAHAT @AHATAngels @graffx @_Konflict

5 Responses to Konflict vs Refractor AHAT 40

  1. Invincible says:

    Refractor dishes out a lot of low blows.

  2. pimpofspades says:

    Konflict for sure.

  3. aL says:

    konflict got it this time, nice batte though

  4. Jinx says:

    both got skills

  5. Jenny says:

    one of the best battles i have seen in awhile

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