AHAT presents Miles Low vs Aktive | rap battle


Jay Scott was scheduled to battle Aktive at the AHAT Convention but due to his untimely passing that battle was cancelled. One week before this event Miles Low decided to step up in Jay Scott’s stead. Miles Low was a longtime friend of Jay Scott and felt it was his personal responsibility to face Aktive to honor his lil bro. RIP Jay Scott. In this one rounder with one week preparation time see who comes out on top. Like, Comment, Share, & Favorite to support the AHAT Movement, thank you. AHAT has become the dominant battle league from the West Coast and one of the biggest battle leagues in the world.

3 Responses to AHAT presents Miles Low vs Aktive | rap battle

  1. Jesse says:

    Miles low won hands down. RIP brother.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree Miles went in…


  3. OD says:

    That might be the best Miles Low I have seen so far and we need to get more Aktive battles on AHAT

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