Pop Culture vs Ceas


AHAT The Hottest Battle League on the Planet presents another classic battle from AHAT. Pop Culture, a ranked MC from Nitebreed who is known for his comical punchlines and his creativity battles Ceas from IsH Entertainment. Ceas has a street style and convincing delivery. See who will win this clash of styles funny vs street. Subscribe our channnel youtube.com/allhiphopallthetime follow @therealAHAT @od702.

5 Responses to Pop Culture vs Ceas

  1. manixx83 says:

    Pop was funny but Cease exposed him both rounds in my opinion……

  2. will says:

    after watch n it again gotta say one more round

  3. will says:

    pop should battle fatz next title match…….real talk fatz ass to me he never should have been champ he didnt beet nov but he didnt lose dat was a draw hands down

  4. pimpofspades says:

    Hard to say , one more round. At this point a tie.

  5. will says:

    yoooo dat shit dumb hard to judge if i had to pick pop got dat one an i fuck wit ceas more day need to rematch dat shit tho

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