T-Rex vs Artisan presented by AHAT


In one of the most anticipated battles of the year, T-Rex who has battled on URL, Grindtime, Battle America & more faces Artisan, who is the former Champ of AHAT & the former 106 & Park Freestyle Friday champ. Hosted by Murda Mook with OD. Although Battle America never sent us the missing footage from Artisan’s round this is still a classic battle.

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  1. Phyllis says:


  2. yahya says:

    man artisan anit that gd T-rex won big tim3

  3. i think artisan won but it was close dont get me wrong t-rex a beast he just wasnt on his game on this one…t-rex is a hott battle raper and artisan really steped his game up.. i was watching ahat since day one and i have to say arty got even better i hope to see him battle more….stay in that ring artisan and move to the top fatz is a tuff one to beat but i think you got what it takes to be the champ…..but that young ill vs t-rex was dope rex won i think he was game tight ….ill a dog to i like them both. but my point is that i know for a fact rex go hard just not this time……

  4. Peter says:

    Why does that dude behind Artisan have his arm around that other nigga the ENTIRE round Arty spittin..HELLA FUCKIN GAY..AND nigga in a Hollister hoodie..lmfao, ya’ll West Coast niggas is strait faggs

  5. NINO says:

    arty sucks he will get kill if get 2 url i think fatz will do much beter thats real talk

  6. Huntert545 says:

    LOL at 12:35 when rex says “and a third can get it”, FATZ goes “Thats me.”


    Well done Arty, you held it down against someone who has mad history in the game.
    Welcome back.

  7. NINO says:

    you right about that

  8. NINO says:

    so much waitin finaly t rex kill arty real talk arty is way below this niiga rex hate it or love it

  9. J Cole says:

    Arty definitely won this. HIs delivery combined with the versatility and content of his lines was phenomenal. T-rex had a few nice bars but he doesn’t have the ability to enunciate his words and put as much emphasis on his punch lines like Artisan. I think many people hate on Arty just because he’s is highly regarded and is expected to excel, and that is why the voting is skewed. But regardless, he still outperformed T-Rex. He had a few weak lines but 90% of his bars were tremendous and he touched on several different topics by including comedy, violence, fame, and several other components in his content… whereas T-Rex only talked about guns. I wish this battle had judges, because it would exemplify a more valid decision. Shout out to T-Rex, but Artisan took this one (even without the unrevealed lines)

  10. wax says:

    kotd those guys r a bunch of jokes u guys will never be able to make it in vegas u scrubs


  12. smitty1428 says:

    od you and art cring that battle america wouldnt release the whole tape, you make a blog and make it seem as if art bodied trex. IN reality art got murked. wth

  13. NINO says:

    t rex got this

  14. God says:

    Rex killed that nigga, it was over after the , “Ask the coroner about my shooting average” Artisan is garbage, punchlines are corny as fuck.

  15. Robin says:

    Artisan won that…rex’s bars were generic and if you listen doesnt really say much…Artisan had punchline after punchline and bars…I dont think rex put his all in this battle cause i see him do better

  16. LaVerdas says:

    Yo the crowd was pathetic in this shit!!
    Over-reacting for Artisan’s average bars, niggas jumping in front of the camera…

    That’s the atmosphere you create when u tell the crowd “Cheat ya ass off.”

  17. Milla Tyme says:

    Good battle
    I think it needed a second round too close to call. Thought both rappers could have came harder though

  18. ThatNiggaPen says:



  19. jason says:

    rex got it that nigga artisan went for 9 mins n said nuthin lmao!!! RT

  20. KOTD | FRESH COAST says:

    Rex got this…
    The other guy spat for 7 Minute worth of nothing
    He is not 106 champ by the way

  21. SERIO says:

    i fuck wit AHAT but based on that 1 round battle i think rex took it, but straight up i wouldve liked a 3 rounder cuz that wasnt enough… dade county stand up

  22. Locash says:

    Imma have to go Artisan on this one. He had some cornball lines and so did rex. I go with Art for versatility. He did not just talk about guns every line like rex. Rex gets redundant with the same gun talk crap. I want to hear something different for once. There are also a couple things that also bothered me while Rex was spittin. 1. It’s hard for me to imagine a dude in a tight purple shirt put’n in work. 2. If you watch mook in the video he is studying Rex so hard and mouthing some of the words like he wrote the verse.

  23. VegasVegaVictor says:

    artisan starts off slow…

    “…blues clues…”

    “…ya bitch never says YEAH cuz you got a little john…”

    “…you dont want beef like a veggie burger”

    “… like john benet…”

    “…flava flav…”

    “…red dots all over like the chicken pox…”

    I’m sorry to say but step your pen game up Arti
    All the hype is for this type of performance smh

  24. LPAGL says:

    Artisans intro was straight up out of a supa hot fiyah video

  25. kccuzz816 says:

    they both did have bars but i would have to say rexs won.

  26. donnie ur battle sucked donkey balls u should have stayed home that night haha

  27. meta433rd says:

    That battle was a tie….. They both had a few bars that stuck out but noone did enough to get an obvious w… Good battle not a great one but its gonna get views… Artisan is dope t rex is a legend….

  28. Dennis Menance says:

    K-Shine vs Nov now. Hopefully there will be at least one classic battle cause this wasn’t it.

    Holla atcha bwa.

  29. Michael Jackson's monkey says:

    Yo OD, how come after you said you fuck with Rex then said “BUT this is ” prior to intro Artisan lol it’s like you wanted everyone to know the separation and be one sided lol. Good battle but real shit I fucking hate these one round battles. It sucks. Fucks up the match ups.

  30. Ahat repping says:

    I don’t like Rex but Rex won. Arti had bars, and home field ( why not its his playing field ) but Rex edged it. Cats gotta respect the next man while he rapping. Clown niggas jumping in the screen to get shine n talking while an artist is doing what they get paid for is gay shit.

  31. mamba_regime says:

    Damn OD whats up with the long ass intro Slurping AHAT?.,…we get it brah.

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