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Since its inception in 2008 the AHAT website has become popular among battle rap enthusiasts and Hip-Hop fans worldwide. In december 2014 AHAT.tv reached over 100,000 impressions. Our website features four prime areas for advertisement (header, side column, in posts, and post list). To start your advertisement on AHAT.tv please fill out the below form.

  • On the side column on the post page (300 x 300)————————————$200/Monthly
  • On the side column on the post page (300 x 600)————————————$240/Monthly
  • The header on the homepage (728 x 90)————————————————–$240Monthly
  • Post ad appears on the post page above the post (550 x 250)—————-$300/Monthly
  • Post list and appears every eighth post—————————————————-$300/Monthly

Three Reasons to advertise on AHAT.tv

  1. Branding – Gain name recognition. Have a site or product (your music?) that you wish would gain notoriety? Let us help you put your name out to the eyes and ears of urban culture.
  2. Generating Leads – Whatever your goal, advertising will help you generate potential customers, fans of your music, and loyal site visitors.
  3. Direct Sales – Have a great product or service that just about sells itself? Let us provide you with a steady stream of customers.